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Fax Broadcast Services

Enables users to faxblast documents to tens, hundreds or thousands of fax numbers in minutes!

(NOTE: If you have a fax broadcast account, and would like to start a faxbast, please use the login button on the left.)

Amfax broadcast faxing system offers ease of use, flexibility and reliability. It is like having 25,000 telephone lines connected to your PC ready to broadcast your fax message. You can access the faxblast broadcast fax distribution system from any personal computer, fax machine, or mini/mainframe and instantly harness the full power of the Internet.

Faxblast FaxMERGE - service delivers thousands of personalized faxes simultaneously, with superior results.
1-800-FAX Response® - Automates the collection and receipt of large volume fax responses.
Fax On Demand (FOD) -Offers an inexpensive, easy to use and automated method of information fulfillment.
Fax Form - Provides for the electronic storage of forms in our Premiere System.
International Fax - Provides savings on international fax charges by routing your traffic over our network.
Transactional - Securely automates the process of sending variable information to your customers and business partners.

Fax Broadcast Service Applications

Industry Publishing Cash Management Continuing Education
Challenge Distributing time-sensitive information to tens, hundreds or thousands of subscribers and advertisers quickly and cost-effectively. Distributing time-sensitive financial statments and confirmations at the time you specify, efficiently and economically. Distributing time-sensitive seminar information to tens, hundreds or thousands, efficiently and economically.......getting results fast.
Solution Move information electronically to your correspondents NOW, instead of by mail. Send your messages or newsletters to Premiere once. We fax broadcast to all your recipients' fax and Internet addresses simultaneously, with proof of delivery. Receive responses through our "never busy" 1-800-FaxResponse®; decrease turnaround time and increase return rates. Faxblast or electronically deliver documents rapidly and reliably, instead of by mail. Transmit your files to Premiere (even BAI or EDI formats). We'll use them to create and deliver customized statements to multiple destinations, including fax machines and Internet addresses, with proof of delivery. Broadcast your fax documents to Premiere once. We deliver to all your recipients' fax and Internet addresses simultaneously, with proof of delivery. Receive responses through our "never busy" 1-800-FaxResponse®; decrease turnaround time and increase return rates. Fulfill requests for attendance applications, seminar/conference schedules, meeting agendas, events and more 24 hours a day, using Fax-On-Demand..........even from your home page.
Result Gain higher audit bureau ratings with proven higher requal response rates. Decrease turnaround time and add profit to your bottom line. Supplement direct marketing or telemarketing programs. 24 hour information fulfillment to potential subscribers and/or advertisers with Fax-On-Demand. Lock-in existing customers / gain new customers. Create new revenue stream(s) and enhance your competitive position by improving your customer service. Faster Turnaround. Increased Attendance and Earlier Commitment. Reduced Direct Mail Costs. Higher Response Rates, Lower Cost Per Response. Quick and Efficient Method of Information Fulfillment.

*To comply with all laws regarding unsolicited fax, we recommend inclusion of a "remove" option in your message in order to provide a mechanism for tracking and accommodating removal requests.

For more info on fax blasting or broadcast fax services call us toll free at 1.800.USAMFAX.

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