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Voice Blast

Contact hundreds of people in the time it takes to place just one phone call.

(NOTE: If you have a voice blast account, and would like to start a voice blast, please use the login button on the left.)

Our high-volume, automated voice blast service delivers prerecorded voice blast messages to any size list of phone numbers, enabling users to communicate personally and effectively with many individuals at once.

Create your voice blast message over a touch-tone phone, or record a .WAV file using a PC microphone and speakers - then deliver it to us instantly over our Web interface. No matter which method you choose, Voice Blast messaging is as personal yet faster and more cost efficient than leaving the same message over and over again.
With Voice Blast, you can record messages in privacy at any time and schedule delivery for whenever it will make the most impact. Our Web-based service allows you to edit recipient lists, even add numbers at the last minute before delivery of your calls. You can also check to see exactly who "got the message" and when by monitoring our delivery reports online.

Voice Blast Messages:

  • Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive calling
  • Convey urgency and emotion
  • Cost effectively reach large audiences
  • Get fast results

Voice Blast can be used in conjunction with our fax and email services to provide a total messaging solution.

Voice Blast Applications:

  • Fundraising Efforts
  • Membership Announcements
  • Market Updates
  • Scheduled Maintenance & Renewal Reminders
  • Crisis Control/Alerts
  • Event Publicity
  • School/Office Closings
  • Political Lobbying
  • Voter Solicitations
  • Industry News Reports

For additional voice blast information call us toll free at 1.800.USAMFAX.

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